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Core Courses

Major requirements total: 75-88 units

All major courses must be taken for letter grades unless an approved course is offered satisfactory/no credit only.

Undeclared students looking for an introduction to MCS may take Data Science 101 (STATS 101).  If the MCS major is then declared, STATS 101 may be used for elective credit toward the major.


Mathematics (MATH)

Single-variable calculus: (MATH 19, MATH 20, MATH 21) or (MATH 41, MATH 42*) or AP credit. 1 10
Students may choose one of the following sequences: 2 15
Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra  
Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus of Several Variables  
Integral Calculus of Several Variables  
Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra  
Modern Mathematics: Continuous Methods (a proof-oriented sequence)  
Modern Mathematics: Continuous Methods  
Modern Mathematics: Continuous Methods  
Modern Mathematics: Continuous Methods  
Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods (a proof-oriented sequence)  
Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods  
Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods  
Modern Mathematics: Discrete Methods  
Select one of the following: 3
Applied Matrix Theory  
Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory  


Students who scored a 5 on both the Calculus AB and BC advanced placement exams (total of 10 units) can be waived out of MATH 19 Calculus, MATH 20 Calculus, MATH 21 Calculus; MATH 41 Calculus* and MATH 42 Calculus*. See also the Registrar's Advanced Placement web site (AP or IB exams).

*MATH 41 and MATH 42 will no longer be offered 2017-2018 academic year.


 Math 60 sequences replace Math 50 Honors series (MATH 51H, 52H, 53H).

Computer Science (CS)

CS 103 Mathematical Foundations of Computing 5
CS 106A Programming Methodology 5
and either  
CS 106B Programming Abstractions 5
or CS 106X Programming Abstractions (Accelerated)
Select two of the following: 7-9
Introduction to Scientific Computing  
Computer Organization and Systems  
Introduction to Automata and Complexity Theory  
Design and Analysis of Algorithms  
Computers, Ethics, and Public Policy

Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)

MS&E 111X/211X^ Introduction to Optimization (Accelerated) 4
MS&E 221 Stochastic Modeling 3
Or select three of the following:  
Introduction to Stochastic Modeling  
Introduction to Optimization or Introduction to Optimization (Accelerated)  

MS&E 213

Introduction to Optimization Theory  
Stochastic Modeling  
Stochastic Control

Statistics (STATS)

STATS 116/MATH 151 Theory of Probability/ Intro to Probability Theory 3-4
STATS 200* Introduction to Statistical Inference 3
Select one of the following: 3
Introduction to Applied Statistics  
Introduction to Regression Models and Analysis of Variance

^ As of Autumn 2017, MS&E 211 is no longer considered part of the "Take 2" MS&E core.  Students wishing to take 2 MS&E Courses must take MS&E 211X and 221. If a student has taken MS&E 211 prior to Autumn 2017-2018, then the course will be counted as part of the "Take 2" MS&E core option.

*Stats 200 cannot be substituted.

**PLEASE NOTE: CS 109 is not equivalent to STATS 116. If you wish to declare MCS, but have already taken CS 109, you will be required to take STATS 217 to fulfill the Statistics core requirement.

Writing in the Major Requirement

The University requires students to complete at least one approved writing-intensive course in each of their majors. See the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking web site for a full description of the WIM requirement.

Course List
Choose one from the MCS-designated WIM courses to fulfill the Writing in the Major requirement: 3-4 units
Applied Group Theory  
Applied Number Theory and Field Theory  
Groups and Rings  
Fundamental Concepts of Analysis  
Computers, Ethics, and Public Policy  
Statistical Methods in Computational Genetics  

WIM courses offered by other majors may be used in cases of specific concentrations (e.g. biology, decision theory). Adviser approval required.

*CS 182W  Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change, will also count



Electives: 9 units

For MCS, a total of 3 courses, representing at least two departments, is required.  See our pre-approved list of electives found here.

Further elective courses not listed should be approved by the student's faculty advisor.


See full details on the Bulletin