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Title Cohort Organizationsort descending Description

Program Manager

2013 Microsoft

Product development team that built the Kinect for XBox. This is an incubation team within Microsoft that is working on new products.

Software Engineer

2016 Apple, Inc.

Business Consultant

2014 Applied Predictive Technologies

 Designing business experiments, providing organized data streams to run the experiment and analyzing the results.

Management Consulting Associate

2016 Bain and Company

Technology Analyst

2013 Barclay's Capital

Data Scientist Intern

2014 Carbon Lighthouse

Carbon Lighthouse is a carbon emissions reduction firm. Next year will co-term in MS&E on Energy & Environment Tract. Hopes to work in either the renewable energy or clean tech field.

Investment Banking Analyst

2015 Credit Suisse

Investment risk and securities analysis, experience in statistics, quantitative analysis and information modeling.

Software Engineer

2015 Google

Search Infrastructure team, helping build the index used for the search engine.

Google Brain Resident

2016 Google Brain Team

Researchers on the Brain team work to make machines intelligent by focusing on highly flexible models that learn their own features, end-to-end, and make efficient use of data and computation.

Software Engineer

2016 LinkedIn


2016 McKinsey & Company

Integrating world-class problem solving, industry and functional expertise, and proprietary tools and capabilities to create change and lasting impact.

Health Insurance Actuary

2016 Millman, Inc.

Statistical analysis in the healthcare marketplace.

Investment banking analyst

2014 Morgan Stanley

In their Singapore office, having responsibility for SE Asia coverage, and merger and acquisition execution.

Software Engineer

2015 Quora

Research, design, develop, and test operating systems-level software.

Rocket Scientist

2014 Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel, a company that brings artificial intel and big data to advertising

Program Manager Intern

2015 Tableau

a data visualization company in Seattle

Associate in Global Sales Planning & Analytics

2015 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Coordinating opportunities for sales and operations planning, prioritizing changes in implementations, and communicating timelines and targets that support the sales and operations plan.