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New Data Science Minor for the Humanities & Statistics Course

Jul 25 2017

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Are you interested in Data Science as it applies to your field of study in the Humanities?  Check out our new Data Science Minor!

The Data Science minor has been designed for majors in the humanities and social sciences who want to gain practical know-how of statistical data analytic methods as it relates to their field of interest. The minor will provide students with the knowledge of exploratory and confirmatory data analyses of diverse data types (e.g. text, numbers, images, graphs, trees, binary input); strengthen social research by teaching students how to correctly apply data analysis tools and the techniques of data visualization to convey their conclusions. No previous programming or statistical background is assumed.

Along with this new minor comes a new course - STATS 32! 

STATS 32: Introduction to R for Undergraduates

This short course runs for weeks two through five of the quarter. It is recommended for undergraduate students who want to use R in the linguistics, humanities, social sciences or biological sciences and for students who want to learn the basics of R programming. The goal of the short course is to familiarize students with R's tools for scientific computing. Lectures will be interactive with a focus on learning by example, and assignments will be application-driven. No prior programming experience is needed. Topics covered include basic data structures, File I/O, graphs, control structures, etc, and some useful packages in R. Priority is given to non-engineering students and the only prerequisite is undergraduate status.